3 Drupal 8 Content Editing Improvements We Can't Wait For

3 drupal 8 content editing improvements we can't wait forDrupal 8 is on its way, and nobody is more excited than the North Studio team to finally get its hands on the product when it is released. Among the many improvements that our developers are definitely looking forward to, there's also quite a few changes to the content input interface that Drupal website owners will definitely appreciate.

Here are 3 specific improvements that we're especially looking forward to!

1. "Save as unpublished" function

One thing new Drupal users grapple with is the "published" vs. "unpublished" status. In Drupal 7, there's no clear way to save a draft without publishing it; you need to uncheck "Published" in the "Publishing Options" tab at the bottom of the input page.

Drupal 7 save as unpublished

I certainly was caught by this quite a few times, and now that I manage a bigger blog with multiple authors, a "save as draft" option would be really handy for me and my authors.

Drupal 8 Save as unpublished
Image from Acquia

No more publishing unfinished, unedited content by error! 

2. Easier image insertion

Inserting an image from your server currently involves opening the image window, then an upload window, and then adding the picture.

Drupal 7 image upload

Drupal 7 image upload

Drupal 7 image upload

With Drupal 8, you'll be able to upload directly in the first window without the second browsing step. It'll also be easier to align them.

Drupal 8 image uploading
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As you can see, the whole inputting and editing pictures is a lot user-friendly and simpler to manage.

3. Post options in the right column

Right now, post options appear at the bottom of the post. It's not that terrible, but usability could definitely improve with a change.

Drupal 7 post options

With Drupal 8, these options are going to be moved to the right, making it easier to manage and change them with the actual content close by.

Drupal 8 options placement
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That's going to make things easier when it comes to the meta-tags, for example, since using keywords and sentences from the post will require less scrolling.


Drupal 8's launch is getting near, but it'll still be a little while before Drupal developers are ready to switch websites over. If you're a Drupal 6 or 7 website owner or manager, you might want to check our upgrade strategy guide for more information.