5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Marketing-Focused Website


We see it time and time again: Websites that look great and function like a dream, but serve absolutely no purpose. Sounds harsh, but the internet is littered with these business-killing nightmares.

And we’re not just talking about the classic brochure-style sites that only offer a list of services and a phone number. No, many of these websites were professionally designed using the latest web technologies, yet were somehow built without a single goal in mind. No clear vision, 

no fresh content, no calls to action, no way to share. In other words, no reason to stick around. As web developers and digital marketers, this makes our hearts heavy. Web professionals should always have their clients’ best interests in mind, and to us that means creating a marketing-focused, goal-oriented, responsive website that’s beloved by both Google and your potential customers. Every time. A strategic website of this kind takes longer to plan for, but it’s worth it. A marketing-focused website will...

Reach the Right People

Your business needs a website to survive and thrive, but if it’s not reaching your target audience then it might as well not even exist. When a website is built with marketing in mind, the developers and marketers work together to research and fully understand your top users’ demographics, behaviour, and other pertinent details (buyer personas are a key part of this!). This info is worked into the website to ensure you’re able to target your ideal demographics and meet their needs and wants in a more effective and efficient manner. Your website will not only reach the people who matter most, but truly connect with them.

Build Trust

The interwebs can be a sketchy place. From shoddy websites and expired SSL certificates to broken links and out-of-date content, trustworthy websites aren’t always easy to find. That’s why it’s up to you, business owner extraordinaire, to allay your customers’ fears and give them an online experience they can trust. And the first step to achieving that? Realizing your website isn’t all about you. As you’ve just read, your website is about your target market, and giving them exactly what they’re looking for. When your website is built with this information in mind, it’ll be a professional, credible, and authoritative environment where customers are comfortable doing business.

Accomplish Your Goals

Think about your goals. Do you want to…

• Drive online sales?

• Provide information to in-store purchasers?

• Provide information on your brand?

• Drive requests for products or services?

• Drive traffic to key pages?

Why yes, yes you do. But it’s not going to happen on its own! In order to achieve these goals, your website has to be built with them in mind and have a clear strategy for carrying them out.

Save You Money

Many businesses think of their website as a separate expense from marketing. But in reality, it’s a major part of your marketing campaign whether you’re aware of it or not. Your website is your welcome mat, your virtual sales team, your central point of contact and your social hub—all rolled into a tidy little package. It’s the mothership of your marketing efforts and it’s hard at work 24/7/365. Because it’s so efficient, a well planned website offers a significantly higher return on your investment than more traditional forms of marketing. According to a HubSpot report, inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional marketing AND generates about 3 times as many leads. Sorry, direct mail.

Evolve as Your Business Evolves

Businesses aren’t static, and neither are the tools used to market them. A marketing-savvy website has the power to grow with you: it’s easy to update/add products and services, it integrates with the latest social networks, it adapts to the latest handheld device du jour, and it offers simple traffic/conversion tracking to make sure you’re meeting your ever-changing goals. Thinking of giving your current website a marketing makeover? Or just starting out? We can help.