7 Unexpected Ways Writer's Blocks Can Give You Better Hair*


This post was inspired by the Intriguing Results From 3 Content Idea Generators post I wrote recently for Stikky Media. In that post I put the phrase 'writer's block' into three content generators to demonstrate their use for unusual ideas on a theme and content development prompts. Out of all the results, my favourite one was “7 Unexpected Ways Writer's Blocks Can Give You Better Hair” generated by Portent's Content Idea Generator. So here I go, running with just that!

Think writer's block is just plain and simply-truly no darn good?

Don't let writer's block think it can ruin your day, your life, or even a moment because I'm here to tell you about an important perk of writer's block -- It can give you better hair! How? Well at least in 7 different ways...


1) Writer's block is good for scalp stimulation. While the frustration often leads fingers to temples and foreheads, if the writer's block is 'good' enough, the fingers will eventually move their way up to the scalp. Scratching and rubbing the scalp stimulates the hair follicles, loosens up sebum blockages, and other disgusting details you can learn more about with a Google search.

2) Writer's block is creatively frustrating enough to enhance random-desktop-clutter-in-the-hair styling techniques. As you fiddle with the clutter on your desk, moving it about it as if writing ideas will be found in the exotic arrangements of the objects, consider sticking those objects in your hair. The results can be absolutely fabulous!

3) Writer's block can add volume and texture to your hair! Between the tugging, scrunching, tousling, and occasional munching, your hair could be poofed-up and texturized without all the expensive products people who don't have writer's block often have to pay big dollars for.

4) Writer's block gives your hair the excuse it needs when it doesn't want to listen to no one! It wants to stand up straight instead of being let down all the time? Well no one messes with the hair on the head of someone with writer's block, that would just be crazy. Writer's block means HAIR FREEDOM!

5) Writer's block can mess up a person's face so bad, their hair looks effortlessly amazing in contrast! What a fabulous time-saver on hair styling writer's block can be!

And finally:

6) Writer's block is a temporary condition. For all its benefits for the hair, the best of them is when writer's block comes to an end. For when the blockage is broken through by a GREAT IDEA, the head and the hair lift up into a spectacular radiance that is often imitated by high-tech airbrushing techniques in glossy fashion magazines. 

So don't let fears of writer's block stop you from sitting your butt down and getting some writing done. Have fun with writer's block! Revel in the perks of writer's block! See it through for the joy to be found when a round of writer's block comes to its end. Let it be of benefit to your hair!