Confused By CASL? Know Your Next Steps [WORKFLOW]

According to a recent CFIB survey, 62% of small businesses have yet to take any steps to comply to CASL. Although this is concerning (we've done a bit of CASL advocacy with our clients, of course), we would like to make it easy for you to figure out whether or not you comply and, if you don't, know what steps to follow to implement CASL in your business.

With the help of this workflow, you can see what elements of CASL you need to implement for your business.

CASL Action Steps flowchart

And to help you even further, we've developed a short, 3-page CASL checklist (that includes the workflow) to make sure that every consent you get and ever email you send is CASL-compliant.

Disclaimer: this workflow and the checklist do not constitute legal advice on CASL compliance. Your lawyer is always your best resource when it comes to compliance to legislation.