Frighteningly Good Halloween Marketing Campaigns

Happy Halloween everyone!

I hope that, like us, you're wearing your costumes at work (you can tweet us pictures @northstudio) and getting ready for a night of candy and spooky mayhem (while staying safe, of course).

As a way to get you in the mood, I decided to share with you some of my favourite Halloween campaigns for this year. 

Ikea's The Shining spoof

Ikea Singapore filmed a spoof of Stanley Kubrick's classic horror movie The Shining. Makes you rethink the elegant displays that make you want to buy everything in the store...

I'm not personally a horror movie fan (I'm too much of a wuss), but I really liked this ad. It's clever and funny. What do you think?

Chipotle's Booritos

Among Chipotle's many marketing successes, you can add the Boorito campaign. If you're dressed in a costume and show up to Chipotle after 5PM, you get a burrito for $3. Perfect for pre- (or post-) partying.

I like how the ad uses our current obsession for zombies and a video-game-type animation. 

REI's Zombie Outbreak Survival Guide

It's not a Halloween campaign per se, but in my head it still counts. REI's "13 Essential Tools For Surviving a Zombie Outbreak" covers all you need to not get yourself killed if the zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow.

Or, you know, you can always just find Rick's group (from The Walking Dead) and stick close to them. At least some of them survive...

What's your favourite Halloween ad this year?

Because I'm sure you have lots of candy to eat, I'm gonna leave it there, but take a second to share your favourite Halloween marketing campaign with us!