Google My Business 101

Social media is a great source of free marketing exposure for your business. As an agency, we understand that it can be a time consuming prospect...that there are so many social media outlets to choose from! As a business, it helps to prioritize which social media outlets to use based on the audience you are trying to reach, the goals of your online marketing activities and/or campaigns you might be running, and the amount of time you have to devote to marketing activities. Here at North Studio there are a couple of social media outlets we always recommend to our clients, and one of those is Google My Business.

Why Google My Business?

Since Google My Business is a Google property, it lends to great visibility for your business on Google SERPs. Google My Business reviews show up in the feature on the right side of the search engine results listing. It also shows up in the local listings results.


It's Easy to Use!

Google My Business is your one stop shop for managing and updating your local listings and Google+ business pages. When you log in, you will be taken to one intuitive dashboard that contains all of your Google properties.


What do I need to do to set it up?

If you are already set up in Google Places or Google+, you will have been automatically upgraded to Google My Business. If you have Google local pages floating around the web wilderness, you just need to go on a little web safari to find and claim them all. If you don't, you can set up your Google locations and claim them. Once you have verified your claim with Google, your locations will appear on your Google My Business dashboard. Verification can be done in one of 4 ways:

Postcard – this is probably my favourite option. Google will send you a real postcard… in the mail! Admittedly, it isn't the fastest or most efficient option, but who doesn't love receiving real mail?!
Phone – you can select the verify by phone option, then Google will send a code to your cell phone that you can enter into your dashboard
Instant verification – this is an option if you've verified the business via Webmaster Tools
Bulk verification – if you have 10 or more locations, you will be eligible for bulk location verification