Marketing Read List: Marketing Psychology and Content Marketing Disruptions

Good Friday everyone! Here in Victoria, it's the dawn of a long weekend, so we're all pretty excited to head out the door and enjoy the beautiful August weather. But before we do that, it's time to share some great reading for your free time and professional illumination.

First up, we have this awesome resource post (make sure you bookmark, Evernote or have lots of time on your hands) about the psychology of marketing by KissMetrics. A really great depository of resources about everything from pricing psychology to the psychology of influence. 

Next, we have a great post from Smart Insights about the 4 stages of content marketing--from the basic webpage to content marketing apps that feed into personalization and rich content. A great read if you want to understand where content marketing comes from and where it's going.

And here's another Smart Insights post for you: it's all about analyzing and improving your digital capabilities. Lots of great resources to follow here too.

Have you been told that your call-to-action has to be "above the fold"? The Content Marketing Institute puts a dent in that received knowledge... and it's overdue, too.

Finally, here's one more disruption: what if you paid for "time viewed" for your ads, instead of clicks or impressions? The idea seems daunting, but give the article a chance.

That's it for this week. What else would you like to add to this reading list?