North Studio Employee Of The Week: Maddie


Today's post is a tribute to an essential member of the North Studio team: Maddie.

She is the office defender. What does she defend us all from?


No stuffie can do us harm when she's around. She looks like such a sweet, harmless little elderly lady:


Unless you happen to be a STUFFIE! Then little sweet Maddie is a MONSTROUS harbinger of DOOM!


As soon as a stuffie gets out of line and tries to stir up some trouble, Maddie leaps in to save the day in a frenzy of terrifying malevolent motion:


She reassures us with calming glances that everything's under control, she's got it covered:


After she has her way with the stuffie, it is disciplined, set straight, humbled, and no longer inclined for office trouble-making:


Once things return to normal and we're once again lulled by a sense of security, Maddie doesn't stop watching for stuffie trouble. Which is always around the corner, and when it comes, she's ready for it:


When you visit the North Studio offices, she will happily greet you. You have nothing to fear, she will protect you too from stuffie trouble while you are here.

She's always on the watch, on the guard, on the job. She's an essential member of the North Studio Team. We wouldn't be the same (or as safe!) without her!