Your Friday Marketing Reading List: More Data About Millenials, LGBT Marketing, And More

Happy Friday everyone! Here's what caught my attention on the web this week.

To follow up on our post about Millennials, Social Media Today adds some information about how that generation expects a consistent brand experience on all channels. Quick but useful!

Corporate social media is maturing, according to a recent study by Useful Social Media. There are contradicting trends that show that although companies understand the importance of social media, budgets and teams are stagnant or diminishing. 

Readers rejoice: Amazon is poised to launch a Netflix-style ebook and audiobook subscription service. Is that kind of on-demand content distribution the future for media companies? 

A study sponsored by Facebook shows higher engagement and click-through levels when a brand takes time to set up its story rather than jump right away to the call-to-action. 

Also related to how Millennials are definitely embracing diversity, this PR Daily article features 5 brands doing LGBT marketing right. If you're looking to be more inclusive in your B2C marketing, these are good examples to study.

Anything I missed? Share your favourite content in the comments!