Custom Training Options

Custom courses are designed to meet your organization's specific needs and this form will help us narrow down the best course options to present to you.

Please let us know the items you would like to know more about or expand your knowledge on and if we have missed something, just let us know in the "other" section and we will. The options below are a small fraction of what we can teach but they are topics we thought might be relevant to you.

The 7 step process that we have listed below, is the process that we follow in the creation of custom courses. No one course is the same as the other, and when it comes to Drupal training, your options are limitless!

1. Gather Requirements2. Crunch Numbers3. Course Options and Budgets4. Select Course Options5. Create Outline6. Deliver Training7. Feedback

Personal Information
Site Building
Business and Strategy
Coding and Development
Contrib Modules
Custom Module Development
Theme Layer
Design and User Experience