About Us

(We are your Digital Concierge)

Digital Business Intelligence (DBI) is a digital solution tailored to your needs. Our Digital Concierge will help you fill in the gaps of your digital presence. Over the years, we have built a wide network of trusted experts to help us deliver a fully customized solution. One point of contact, everything digital.

So how are we different? We have incubated 5 unique digital businesses over the last 14 years, but each one is integrated with the others. For example, a new technique in marketing

found by the Stikky Media team is automatically passed to our North Studio web development team to integrate in the sites we build. A particular issue that clients face in web development is passed onto our Q College training team so they can address the current problems in the industry with their students.

We help you sort through all the information out there and find exactly what you need. For more information on our process, please see our infographic.

Digital Concierge

Candace Bates

Candace Bates

Account Manager

Our Values

  • Service to WOW
  • Honesty through transparency and communication
  • Change through creativity and innovation
  • Team is everything (and team includes our customers)
  • Personal growth and learning
  • Do more with less
  • Have fun
  • Help the environment
  • Support others
  • Reward through determination and passion

Our Team