Mobile Strategy

Mobile has become an increasingly larger part of the way people engage with brands. How do you create value for your company or your clients and determine how mobile best suits business goals? As consumer trends have identified a shift in the way we access information, from the big screen to the palm of our hands, how have you adapted to the needs of the user who is looking for instant information? Is your mobile strategy focused on adding value to those users? These are the questions that need to be answered when developing a mobile strategy.

Our Approach

  • Analyze key mobile trends and align your business
  • Develop key profiles and analyze users
  • Analyze competitors – where are you going to add value where you competitors can’t compete?
  • Formulate ideas and execute the plan (research, collaborate, deliberate, execute)
  • Build and plan the delivery
  • Revisit, evolve and adapt

DBI can develop, train or manage a team through the process of creating a mobile strategy. Our focus is to determine how we can find the sweet spot where business goals and customers expectations meet on mobile devices – somewhere where your competitors can’t beat you. Our consultancy and training programs can be tailored to specific projects or approached with a high-level view to build these skills and services internally.