Resource Development

(Build your team first, outsourse second)

Outsourcing vs keeping in-house: both are possible. Both can be profitable. At times, however, agencies can underestimate the knowledge and skills of the people sitting at their desks across the office and are quick to outsource some of the work. Although we all try to build our digital offering portfolio and keep more of our clients’ marketing budgets in house, we must continuously improve our team’s skills and know where we can make improvements. Taking on a project where you fully rely on the team you have in-house can be daunting. It doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

For example: Client web project 

Perhaps you have a highly skilled creative team that puts user experience (UX) and information architecture (IA) at the forefront of design. They can create incredible designs that speak to the target audience, and they hit the mark every time, accelerating the timeline. That design is then taken to the theming and front-end team. However, when it comes to rolling out the features of the website, there are serious shortcomings on backend development. Questions begin to rise internally, and meeting after meeting, the only solution is to find someone who can deliver on these requirements. What’s wrong with this picture? The management team may have overlooked the potential skills that your front-end team already has. With some additional coaching and training, the dynamic of your internal team can be changed forever. 

This can apply to many different aspects of digital. How does your team stay ahead of the curve in digital marketing? How do do you keep your team in step with changes to technology, and on top of Pandas and Hummingbirds that Google releases without any warning? That’s what our digital concierge will do for you. We do the thinking, we do the research, we collaborate with some of the best in the industry, and we share everything we know.

How do we make it work? We partner with our government-accredited college and our hundreds of technology experts to…

  • Evaluate your team and conduct an analysis of their skills;
  • Tailor a training program around whatever aspect of the digital space you need to improve;
  • Use live projects to build our training to ensure your team is making the best use of its time while learning in a hands-on environment;
  • Provide documentation for future reference;
  • Act as a support system following training to ensure we are on the right course;
  • Re-evaluate and build your talent even further.