DBI Support

Our support packages are billed at our hourly rate but tracked by the minute, so we only bill you for the time you use. There’s more: you don’t need to purchase whole blocks, and there are no long-term commitment or retainer fees. You can choose how you want to pay and we do pre-paid or monthly billing to fit in with your company needs. We even have an urgent support process to help with those times you accidentally hit “delete”.

All support packages are 100% tailored to your needs. You may need a little help with your website or setting up your Google Plus page, or you may need advice on rebuilding your digital assets. We can help – it doesn’t matter how large or small the tasks is. We will give you a digital concierge to help manage all aspects of your support. Along with our flexible support package structure, we promise to take the stress out of managing your digital assets.

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